Our Work

What We Do

The purpose of the Africa Network for Associate Clinicians (ANAC) is threefold. We aim to:

  • Strengthen political and professional support for associate clinicians;
  • Improve and enhance the quality and development of associate clinician training in priority health services, including emergency obstetric and newborn care; and
  • Contribute to an overall reduction in morbidity and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Around the world and all levels of governance, we advocate for the important role of associate clinicians in health care systems that rely on their expertise to ensure that all people everywhere have access to quality care provided by skilled professionals.

As we develop our community of practice, we strive to identify professional training opportunities for associate clinicians that are solidly grounded in the best quality and latest developments for priority health services. We also work with training institutions to strengthen training opportunities for associate clinicians.

ANAC’s powerful combination of advocacy, professional recognition and support for associate clinicians — led by the community itself — continues to result in an overall reduction in needless death and disability in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more about our most recent achievements.

We also offer ANAC community members important research and resource information and an online space for interaction and education. This forum is currently used by associate clinicians and others interested in our work in more than 45 countries, and is growing every day.